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MS Certification


Contract & Acceptance
The work content and timescales for each Assessment quoted to the Client are estimates made based on information provided to MS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd (“MS CERT”) having its Head quarter at 3/23 R.K.Chatterjee Road, Kolkata-700042 ,India by the auditee organisation.

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Certification Conditions
The certificate shall only be displayed at the location applicable to the certificated scope of supply. The certificate shall not be used to imply certification of any location other than that detailed on the certificate
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Procedure for Appeal.
To appeal, the client should call MS CERTIFICATION SERVICES and provide grounds for appeal. The appeal may be sent to CB in writing through letters or email. This appeal is entered on the Form F39 Record of Appeal.. MS CERT acknowledges the receipt of the appeal and provides the appellant with progress reports and the outcome.
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Procedure for Complaints Handling
All clients are made aware of the MS CERT’s complaints/ disputes procedure by reference to the MS CERT Rules and Regulations. Untitled Document

Procedure For Suspension & Withdrawal
A client awarded a Certificate shall not to display or otherwise use the certificate and certification mark-logo as soon as practicable after certification is suspended,cancelled or withdrawn. The Client is responsible for taking prompt and adequate action to correct any contravention of the certification Criteria, and for formally notifying MS CERT of the corrective action proposed or taken. Untitled Document

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Head Office:
62B, Maharaja Tagore Road , Dhakuria , Kolkata - 700031

Registered Office:
3/23, R K Chatterjee Road,Kolkata- 700042


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